Friday, August 20, 2010

Master Bathroom Made New

Here is the way the master bathroom has looked the past 3 years. What can I say...I love wallpaper border. I know, it is sooooo 90s. I still love it. I fell in love with this border and built the whole bathroom around it. I painted the walls ( for about 3 years before that they were blue; I like to change things around...a lot), got new towels and the whole works. Then, about a month ago I was ready for more updating. I first started painting the super dark wood cabinets a lighter color. That is why they are two toned. About halfway through, I remembered to take a "before" pic. Here is the ugly shower door that I was trying to find a way to cover up.

This was my solution to the ugly door! I found this beautiful fabric at Hobby Lobby that I fell in love with. I bought some with a coupon ( it was $8.99 a yard!!!) and commissioned my mom to make a faux shower curtain. I bought a silver curtain rod and some cafe clips.

I painted the walls the same color as we have been painting the hallways (yes...we have several home improvement projects going on at the same time!) which is "Burnt Almond". Got some new towels and got rid of the old jewelry box. I bought this one at Hobby Lobby in the unfinished wood aisle and spray painted it. Please disregard the pink cabinet pulls. I am still looking for the perfect blue or green ones.

Since our towels previously hung on hooks over the ugly shower door, I had to find a way to hang them. I had seen so many cutie "HIS" and "HERS" but came up with a cuter idea that was more US. I bought some robe hooks at Target and hung them unevenly. Then I bought some glass frames and then...

...I wrapped the backs with left over fabric from my faux shower curtain. I wrapped it around the back and secured it with double sided tape. I then used pinking shears to cut brown card stock into rectangles. I bought some OH SO FANDANCY green letter stickers and spelled out our names we call each other. i call Scott "Honey" and he calls me "Sweetie". So...just a more personalized version of "his" and "hers"!

The so much better painted cabinets and the new counter top stuff.

Oh yeah...I bought this blue candle garland at Affair of the Heart for something else but never used it. I just used the cafe clips to grab it and make a swag for the top of the curtain.