Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Window + Chalkbaord Paint = LOVE!!!

My friend and hair girl, Mandy had the inside track on some old windows.  Not only does she do fabulous hair, but her decorating style rocks!  After seeing what she did with a window by turning it into a dry erase board, she brought a few over to the Triple P for me to play with.  Well, I got out my chalkboard paint and got busy!  First, I decided to hang it sideways so I could use it as two divided lists.  My husband removed the hardware and put it on the "bottom" to hold a piece of chalk.  My mommy bought me a Cricut Create as an early birthday gift and I couldn't wait to add some vinyl lettering to this masterpiece!  The left side is my daily "To Do" list...

The right side has our lunch and snack menu for homeschool!

I even used my Cricut to make a little bunting for the bottom for the Triple P!  Can't go wrong with the combination of chalkboard paint and a Cricut!!!

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