Monday, April 18, 2011

Patterns a'plenty!

When my mother was packing up her sewing room before she moved this last fall, she came across something priceless to me.  She found some old patterns belonging to my Granny.  My Granny is actually my dad's mother who passed away when I was 21 years old.  My Granny made me a lot of baby doll clothes for my Cabbage Patch Kids when I was younger but these patterns were for womens' clothing.  Keep in mind these were patterns from the 50's.  In fact, inside one of the pattern packages was an old newspaper clipping from Birmingham, Alabama dated 1952.  My mother wasn't sure how she came to owning these patterns but I was VERY eager to take them off of her hands and already had ideas for them before I even made it home.  Here are the results!!!

I covered a chip wood letter from Hobby Lobby with matching fabric from my shower curtain.  Not a pattern but I wanted to show you anyway!

 I framed 2 of the patterns in a document frame with fabric matching my shower curtain as the backing.  This is hanging just below a cabinet in the master bathroom.

Here is another pattern I hung in my bathroom just as you walk in the door.  I love how the ladies in the drawing look so FANCY!

These patterns are hanging in my laundry room.  The lower pattern is my favorite because it actually has my Granny's maiden name written in her handwriting.  PRICELESS!

I put another pattern in a shadow box and put it on top of the china hutch in the dining room.

It is a pattern for aprons!  Perfect for a kitchen area!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Country "Lunchables"

My sweet Cowboy is my lunch partner every day here at the Triple P.  He gets out of Pre-K at 10:50 so I pick him up and we come home to start our together time before my Mini-Belle gets out of school.  I occasionally buy those Lunchables for my Mini-Belle's lunch box because she loves the ones that let you make your own pizza.  My Cowboy...not so much.  However, since he wants to be like his big sister, I bought him the ones with the crackers, cheese and meat slices.  He LOVES them!  i realized it was silly to pay for something that contained items we already had in the fridge just because it came in a divided container.  Then it hit me!  I use muffin tins for the Mini-Belle's after school snacks so why couldn't I use it for a faux "Lunchable"???  To get my Cowboy to go for it, I have to call it a "Country Lunchable".  My babies want EVERY THING to be from the country.  When we go to our Sonic here in our hometown, they order "Country Dr. Pepper" or "Country Sweet Tea".  I remember stopping at a Sonic on our way home from the mall and my Cowboy asking, "Does THIS Sonic have Country Sweet Tea?"

Well, here are a few of his Country Lunchables lately.  For some reason he eats EVERYTHING I give him if it is in this muffin tin.

Yogurt, summer sausage snacks, milk, orange wedges, cheese cubes & Ritz!

Apple sauce, cheese cubes, Ritz, little smokies, ranch & carrot sticks!

                                          Fat free pudding, banana slices, Booste Kid Essentials (he drinks one of   these EVER day), broccoli & carrots, chopped up beef brat, cheese cubes!