Monday, August 20, 2012

A Little Nook.......

A while back we started on a project for my Mini-Belle and it is FINALLY finished!.  She has two closets in her bedroom here at the Triple P and one of them was really not functional.  It was behind her bedroom door so to open the closet door, her bedroom door had to be closed.  She doesn't need  two closets so it just turned into a giant junk drawer!  We decided to make a special place for her to read and dream and just "hide out".  Here is what we came up with...

Here is the "before" of the extra closet.  Just one high clothes rod and a shelf on top. 

Here is my Sexyman building the frame for the seat.

This is after he installed the frame for the seat.  I took the plywood and topped it with some really thick foam and wrapped it in fabric then staple gunned it to the plywood.  We had some leftover bead board from our kitchen backsplash so we painted it pink and nailed it to the frame of the seat to cover the open area in front of the door.

Here is a better look at the frame inside the closet.  The seat is not attached to the frame in any way so we can just lift it up and access the new storage we just created!

Here is the seat with the plaid fabric I covered it with.  I would say the entire seat is about the size of a crib mattress.

We decided to add some color to the book nook.  There was already a large board around the closet where the shelf sat.  We left that portion white and painted the bottom a hot pink and the top a lighter pink.

TA- DA!!!
Here it is!  We removed the door and hung a tension rod.  My mom made a curtain out of some cute pink fabric.

I bought chip board letters and covered them in scrapbook paper and added some buttons for embellishments.  I also got some pink Christmas lights from my BFF and we hung them inside.

My Sexyman put up a small board as a shelf and we added a clip on light.  The cord goes down the side of the wall and connects to a an extension cord (the Christmas lights are also plugged into that same extension cord) and my Sexyman was able to run it under the carpet to plug it into an outlet in her bedroom..

I also cut out some triangles from cardboard and made a cute banner!  I covered the cardboard in scrapbook paper and added buttons, ribbon and lace as embellishments.  I then hung each one onto a string of twine with baby clothes pins.  I was also able to hang her lapdesk on her wall so she can sit in her little nook and write or draw.

A view inside.  She has a pink arm pillow and a few other small pillows and some of her pig collection.

The other end of her nook.  A blanket to cover up with, a kleenex box and a basket of magazines.

Just above the basket of magazines, we hung shelves for all of her books!

A view of the shelves from outside the nook.

So far, she LOVES her little nook!  She has even taken her DVD player inside and watched her "I Love Lucy" DVDs.  She has taken naps in there and read to her little brother.  It is a much better use of space then the junkie closet.  Hope this inspires you to pretty up an unused closet of your own!

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